Amazon’s Mouse – Good for People with Small Hands

If there is a common electronic component that you need, Amazon Basics has you covered. I really like the idea of Amazon Basics. If you need an HDMI cable, Amazon Basics has one. A mouse? Amazon has that too. Amazon Basics stuff is really cheap too. It is relatively good quality stuff, at a really low price. I found myself in need of a mouse, so I went ahead and bought an Amazon Basics mouse, and now I am going to talk about it.  Continue reading “Amazon’s Mouse – Good for People with Small Hands”


I am a terrible person. I am a terrible, terrible, terrible person. I used to use Linux regularly. For a couple years, actually… Currently, my Linux partition has a copy of Kubuntu 13.10 on it. I think it’s safe to say that I have been a little bit out of the swing of Linux for a while. Anyway. I am going back to Linux, and I’m documenting it on my blog.  Continue reading “Linux” Rant

If you are looking to start a blog, I highly recommend WordPress, if you are willing and able to pay for hosting and host it yourself.

I like WordPress. I really do. I use it here on (if it wasn’t already obvious) and I think it is a really good price of software. is not really WordPress though, it is WordPress’ bastard child that has a serious lack of features. Continue reading “ Rant”