Derpy got a hold of the IPv6

So, it has just now come to my attention that the IPv6 for this website (and every other site hosted on has been down for the past month. This is the result of a high amount of stupidity on my part because I forgot to add two very simple lines to the Nginx config that would let it listen on IPv6. As a direct result, Nginx was listening on IPv4 ports, but not on IPv6. Smooth. Anyway, the IPv6 access should be fixed now. Let’s try not to be so derpy in the future.

Not Trying Ghost

The goal of trying Ghost was to potentially reduce RAM load. It has done the opposite. Ghost is using an insane amount of RAM on an instance that isn’t even carrying a large load. That’s insane. Ghost is kill.

  • Colton

CDN Havoc

So, over the last week I have been unable to upload images to the website because my CDN was still at the old server, but the website was over here. Luckily all the old images would still load just fine. The good news is that I have initiated the move of the CDN to this host. The bad news is that all images over here will be broken until the DNS starts resolving correctly. This could take a while, so don’t hold your breath. Luckily, as soon as the DNS does start resolving to the new host, everything will be back to normal again. 😀

Moving Servers

Some time in the near-ish future, I’ll be moving this website to a different server. That’s right; I’m moving the server for a second time within one year. It’s insane. The new server is located at The move will occur some time between now and February. Yes, that is very vague and leaves a five month time frame. No, I don’t care.

Neglecting Tags

Lately, I have been forgetting to tag my posts, which is bad.

  1. It absolutely kills SEO.
  2. It makes the sorting system totally useless.

I’m sorry, and I’ll do my best to be better about it in the future, as well as correcting any old untagged posts.

  • Colton

Ask Me Anything

Hi. I’m going to start answering questions here on If you want to ask me something, just send an email to ask[at]coltondrg[dot]com. Also include your name. Whenever my inbox fills up with questions, I’ll make an answers post. If you’re a Tumblr user and you can’t be bothered to use email, you can also use the ask page on my Tumblr bot.