If you have been paying any attention, you will have realized that this site normally has the Twenty Fourteen default WordPress theme, but with some tweaks to make it work better for me, and the colors black and blue, as opposed to the normal black and green. In the last few days, you will notice that something is different. Continue reading “Red”


Welcome to May. April was a quiet month around the blog. Throughout the month, a lot of really unfortunate events occurred that ended up being very costly to my family and I, and I don’t particularly like talking about negative things, so I didn’t really feel a strong incentive to log in and post anything. Hopefully, May will be a little brighter, and I will post more frequently. Unfortunately, I didn’t log in very often throughout April, and my WordPress update box filled up. I installed 15 updates before posting this, and I haven’t had time to properly test anything yet, so here’s to hoping nothing broke too badly. If things are badly broken, be patient and I will try to get everything worked out. I’ll probably post something else very soon.

  • Colton

Still not dead

I just don’t know what went wrong. I really do want to post here at least four times a week, but between me being busy, and nothing happening that I really want to talk about happening, I guess I’m just not doing stuff. Anyway, I will try to post something later today, and the normally scheduled Pony Stuff will be posted tomorrow.

I’m Not Dead

I haven’t posted anything here for five days. Five freaking days. I would like to keep this blog fairly regular, but I have just been really busy and stuff. I also missed the scheduled Pony Stuff post, which I’ve rescheduled for later today. Next week, the Pony Stuff post will be on Friday again. Sorry for the long hiatus. I guess I just lost track of time.