So, there’s this cool thing called twtxt, and I made one, because I can. twtxt is a command line plain text based microblogging system. It generates a plain text file that is easily readable. You can follow people and view their “tweets” from your client. It’s like Twitter for hackers! Anyway, I think twtxt is pretty cool so I’m using it now. Continue reading “twtxt”

Twitter Trust and Safety Council

We’re all fucked. We’re all fucking fucked.

A few days ago, our good fucking friends at Twitter have created this amazing new bullshit called the Twitter Trust and Safety Council. This wonderful little “council” will be in charge of carefully monitoring everyone’s Tweets and censoring them if they don’t like what they have to say. That’s right, Twitter has gone full Social Justice bullshit mode.

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I want to maybe do some polls. What system should I use for this? I think Twitter’s polling system is pretty nice, but I’m not sure. I definitely want to see a polling system that’s easy and has SSL. If the polling system doesn’t natively have SSL, your browser won’t want to embed it on my website because my website does require SSL. Twitter does have SSL, and the Tweets do appear to embed and show the poll without any problem. Unfortunately they do have a maximum polling time of 7 days. What does everyone else think? Does anyone else even care? Anyway, poll below. Check it out. Continue reading “Polls”

GalliumOS VirtualBox Update 02

Earlier today the GalliumOS team released GalliumOS 1.0beta2, and a lot has changed since the initial release of the GalliumOS VirtualBox image that I made. I have hastily worked to bring the VirtualBox image up to date. The new image is essentially the same as the old one but with the latest packages from GalliumOS (and Ubuntu). The image is up right now, so you can download the new image from the GalliumOS VirtualBox page. If you want to upgrade your existing GalliumOS VirtualBox, follow the instructions in the rest of this post.

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One Year Later

A year ago (a year and two days to be exact), I registered I wanted to have some place where I could just post things, and I always liked the idea of having my own space on the internet where I could say and do whatever I want. I decided to start a weblog for posting whatever was on my mind, so I set up a copy of WordPress, registered the domain, and started writing. Here we are, one year later. I’m not entirely sure what I should say besides just that I’ve enjoyed working on and I hope to use it more to just post random stuff throughout the next year.

Remembering the last year,
– ColtonDRG