So, there’s this cool thing called twtxt, and I made one, because I can. twtxt is a command line plain text based microblogging system. It generates a plain text file that is easily readable. You can follow people and view their “tweets” from your client. It’s like Twitter for hackers! Anyway, I think twtxt is pretty cool so I’m using it now.

So, first I’ll quickly go over my twtxt feed, then I’ll dive more into twtxt itself. To follow me on twtxt, just run this command (assuming you already have twtxt set up)

$ twtxt follow ColtonDRG

You can also view my twtxt feed directly from your web browser, just go to

You can learn more about twtxt at the official twtxt GitHub repo, buckket/twtxt. There are also two user directories that I know of. You can post your username and twtxt URI here so people can find you. by Xena and by reednj.

I think twtxt is a neat little micro-blogging platform with a really interesting and unique concept where people provide their own hosting rather than a company like Twitter providing it for them. This means that the twtxt developer can’t remove your “tweets” or do anything else to censor to you, because they don’t have control over your server.

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