Twitter Trust and Safety Council

We’re all fucked. We’re all fucking fucked.

A few days ago, our good fucking friends at Twitter have created this amazing new bullshit called the Twitter Trust and Safety Council. This wonderful little “council” will be in charge of carefully monitoring everyone’s Tweets and censoring them if they don’t like what they have to say. That’s right, Twitter has gone full Social Justice bullshit mode.

Look, I don’t really like to get involved with this sort of shit or comment on it that much, because even though this kind of stupidity fascinates me, I have always thought it would be best for me if I just stayed out of it, but now my favourite social platform is at risk, so I’m stepping in. I like Twitter, and the fact that it could be ruined by a bunch of Social Justice bullshit is deeply saddening to me. Keep in mind that this is the actual platform. SJWs are being given positions of power in Twitter. Here’s the deal. I like Twitter, and I’ll be extremely saddened if I have to do this, but the very first time I have a Tweet removed by this TTSC, I will stop using Twitter. I won’t close my account, I’ll just abandon it. I’ll even leave the autoposting mechanism intact so my posts from over here will get posted over there.

The thought crossed my mind that there might not be any notification for Tweets being deleted. I have a plan for that too.

This has even lead me to set up a twtxt, which is a cool new CLI based Twitter-ish thing, but there’s a post about that coming later (soon).

Anyway, for those wanting to know more about this Twitter Trust and Safety Council, you can read about it on the Twitter Blogs, here, as well as About Twitter, here. That’s right, there will be amazing people and groups like Feminist Frequency (Anita Sarkeesian), Circle of 6, Dangerous Speech Project, Crisis Text Line, and many more are here to “protect our free speech” (and by that I mean completely and utterly fucking destroy it). AlphaOmegaSin made a great rant about it (embedded below), and MundaneMatt made a much calmer one too for those of you who don’t want so much screaming (also embedded below). There are lots of others as well, so google it if you want to see some more.

Alright, this was a rant post and I’ve run out of things to say, so I’m just going to wrap it up now. I guess now all we can do is hope that this doesn’t make any noticable difference (which I highly doubt) or that they’ll overturn this shitty descision (also highly doubted). Otherwise, goodbye Twitter. You will be missed. #RIPTwitter.

  • ColtonDRG

P.S. I know this is pretty late. I was trying everything I could to not say anything about it, but eventually I just had to.

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