WordPress Sucks.

I love WordPress. It’s a great blogging platform that does a ton of other shit too. Too bad it sucks so much.

The main thing that sucks about WordPress is the high resource usage. PHP is not easy on servers. It could be argued that it’s really not that bad, but I don’t really care, because I want something lighter. A while ago, I tried Ghost and that didn’t go so well. That leaves me here, still using WordPress. I would still like to find something lighter and more efficient. I am going to be making a blog or two for some other projects that I’m working on, and I really don’t need anything fancy, so if I could find something extremely lightweight, that will load fast and not waste resources, I would be absolutely thrilled.

I think I’ll try HTMLy soon. It looks pretty nice, so I’ll give it a shot. It’ll probably be in a very similar fasion to the way I did my Ghost test. Hosted on this server with a subdomain like htmly.coltondrg.com or something. Hopefully I’ll like it. I don’t know if I’ll want to switch this blog, just because everything is so established here on WordPress, but it would certainly be a contender for the new blogs I am setting up for those afformentioned other projects.

Anyway, whatever. I’ll probably make a post about it whenever I make the HTMLy thing happen.

  • Colton DRG

P.S. Happy American Thanksgiving. 😛

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