It’s Over

I just got through watching the latest episode(s) of MLP, and hey, I really liked it overall. That said, I have some concerns about the future. (This post will get rather spoilery, so if you haven’t seen the episode, go get it before reading.)

Okay, this is your final warning. Here be spoilers. Do not read further unless you want to be spoiled for the episode. Go watch it and come back. 😉

So, first, let’s get something out of the way. This was basically already known, but we now know definitively that Equestria Girls: Friendship Games takes place around the same time as the Season 5 finale. I could stand here and make some conclusions as to what this actually means for the scheduling of Season 5, Season 6, and Friendship Games, but what I have learned about the scheduling of Season 5, Season 6, and Friendship Games over the last few months is that it’s all basically a giant clusterfuck of nonsense, so whatever.

Next order of business, Starlight Glimmer. Starlight Glimmer was dispicable. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with the fact that she’s all reformed and whatever now, but that’s definitely not what I would have done if I had written it. I understand that it’s a kids show and everypony has to have a happy ending because Hasbro said so, but I just don’t think that you can take a character from that level of extreme evil (though some of it was clearly caused by blatant ignorance) to everyone loving her in the short amount of time that they did. Diamond Tiara’s turn around was arguably too fast, but this was just insanity. Of course, that’s just my opinion, and other people will probably disagree with me.

Anyway, that’s all fine, I don’t really care. I just don’t want to see Starlight Glimmer become an integral part of the cast. I don’t expect them to become the mane seven with her (though I suppose it’s possible and I’ll be very very unhappy if it happens), but I do see them having her have episodes like Discord does post Season 3. I like Discord, I think he’s an interesting character. I just don’t like Starlight Glimmer that much. Now, of course, it’s possible that they’ll do this and I’ll actually end up being totally okay with it (i.e. Sunset Shimmer), but presently, I am unhappy. I just don’t like Starlight Glimmer as a character that much, and I’m not in any big rush to see any more of her.

Anyway, those were my thoughts on the outcome of the season finale and Starlight Glimmer’s reformation. I guess we’ll see what happens whenever Season 6 rolls around. Hopefully it will be sooner as opposed to later, which maybe likely due to the afforementioned scheduling clusterfuck. 😉

  • Colton DRG

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