GalliumOS Beta 1 Released

For quite a while now, I’ve been working on the GalliumOS project. It’s an operating system (specifically a Linux distribution) that is designed to work especially well on Chromebooks, -boxes, and -bases. So well in fact that in some areas it’s even better then ChromeOS. It contains a ton of secret sauce that makes it work perfectly on those devices with no extra hastle. We’re trying to make it easy and user friendly to run Linux on Chromebooks.

Today GalliumOS released it’s first official beta to the public. This has been in the works for a very long time, and I’ve been using it on my Chromebook for a couple days now, and it’s amazing. There are obviously a few rough edges, but it is a beta, so it’s to be expected. The OS is snappy, functional and lightweight, making it the perfect fit for my favourite line of laptops. Of course, GalliumOS is lightweight, but it’s also Linux, so if you throw it on a beefy Chromebook, like the Pixel, you can make it do some hardcore stuff too with no problem at all.

Go take a look, and if you have a supported Chromebook, give it a shot. The official website is

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