Not Ponies Managed to be Not Terrible Once Again. I’m Sorry I Doubted You.

I still prefer ponies over not ponies, but hey, it was pretty fun. Have a gold star.

Yes, it seems I was wrong. This movie managed to be not terrible. I haven’t decided if it is as good as Rainbow Rocks just yet, but it’s definitely not as bad as I predicted. I’m sorry I doubted you not ponies. Now, as per tradition, the cycle will repeat; there’ll be another rumor, it’ll be true, I’ll think it’s going to suck, it’ll be great, I’ll apologize for doubting not ponies, rinse and repeat. It’s the circle of life (or… you know… not ponies). Anyway, what was I saying? Oh, yeah. Good job not ponies. You managed to not suck once again. Here’s a gold Star.


Oops… Wrong Star… Let’s try this again. Here’s a gold star.


Ah, much better.

  • Colton

Star Butterfly by Star-Butterfly on DeviantArt (lolwut)

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