Pony Stuff Weekly – Friday, April 3

What’s that? This was posted on the fourth? It still feels like Friday, plus I do what I like. Anyway… With just over under six five four hours until the premiere of season 5 of MLP:FiM, the hype is greater than ever before, and I am so happy that it’s finally here. Get the news over the week below the break, then sit down to enjoy some pony! 

Due to last week’s post being two full days late, and most of the news happening over the weekend, this post is going to be a bit shorter than usual.

On Tuesday, a full 37 second clip from the first episode showed up. Obviously, this contains spoilers.

Unfortunately, that video has one of those crappy JS embeds that never work right on WordPress. If it’s not working for you, go ahead and watch it on the Toon Zone page.

Source: Toon Zone
Source: Equestria Daily
Source: Derpy News

Also on Tuesday, Rarity finally got her character-oriented Pony Day promo. This video is on Facebook. I don’t even…

Source: Equestria Daily

On Thursday, a behind the scenes promo popped up also on Facebook. Luckily, I found a Google Drive embed for this one. Fuck you, Facebook.

Source: Derpy News

And on Friday, this promo with some Chuck E. Cheese’s promo popped up. I would like to take this importunity to say, “Fuck you Chuck E. Cheese. You’re a scary motherfucker.”

Source: Derpy News

And that’s all for season 5 news this week. Let’s talk about other news.

A few unreleased songs from MLP: EG: Rainbow Rocks popped up on April 1st.

Life is a Runway:

Friendship Through the Ages:

My Past is Not Today:

Source: Equestria Daily (Life is a Runway)
Source: Equestria Daily (Friendship Through the Ages)
Source: Equestria Daily (My Past is Not Today)
Source: Derpy News

You know that thing I said about this being a short post. That was a lie. I guess I just didn’t realize how much shit actually happened. More news time!

So another thing got confirmed. No, it wasn’t Half-Life 3. Season 6 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has been confirmed by Discovery Family though. It seems like this will be our shortest hiatus yet too! The hype train is boarding once again before it has even arrived at season 5! (If this doesn’t end up happening, blame Discovery, not me or my sources.)

Source: Equestria Daily
Source: Derpy News

And that’s all the news for now. I probably missed something, but I don’t care.

Update: I did miss something. Another clip posted on Facebook. Here!

Today’s the big day, everypony! Are you nervouscited? Or are you worried about how the Mane Six are going to get themselves out of this predicament?Either way, Season 5 starts at 11 AM EST on Discovery Family! Don’t forget to tell everypony!

Posted by My Little Pony on Saturday, April 4, 2015

If you don’t have access to Discovery Family in your area, Derpy news and Equestria Daily have put together some nice livestream guides for you to find the episode on the internet.

Equestria Daily Livestream Guide
Derpy News Livestream Guide

Oh. One last minute thing. On Discovery Family’s website, they have the episode titles listed as “The Cutie Map” instead of “Cutie Markless”. My Dish Network TV guide still says “Cutie Markless” though. Odd. I have no comment on this. I just don’t care.

I would also eventually like to post an episode review, we’ll see where that goes. As for Pony Stuff, I’m not really sure. It might continue weekly, might become monthly, the format might change. I dunno. We’ll see.

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EDIT 05/20/2016: Apparently I put March instead of April in the title of the post. Good going, jackass.

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