Pony Stuff Weekly – Friday, March 20

This is later than I had initially planned, but procrastination struck, so whatever. Here’s your pony stuff for the last week! The following may include spoilers for Season 5. You have been warned. 

We will start with Season 5 news, then we will move on to other stuff.

On Saturday, Discovery Family premiered new promotional material for Pony Day. Pony Day is April 4th, and they will be starting a MLP marathon at 6:00 AM Eastern time (that’s 4 AM in this blog’s time), then at 11:00, season 5 episodes 1 and 2 will air. After that, they will show the old-school G1 MLP movie, so if you’re interested in that, good for you. Along with this promotional material, we got new character-oriented ads for Fluttershy and Applejack. Of course, I have put up a nice little countdown timer in the sidebar for you to gaze at as you wait for season 5.

Fluttershy’s ad:

Applejack’s ad:

Random other ad:

Source: Derpy News
Source: Equestria Daily (Fluttershy)
Source: Equestria Daily (Applejack)
Source: Equestria Daily (Pony Day)

On Tuesday, another episode was added to the Zap2It database, giving us a synopsis for the 5th episode of season 5. There are spoilers and stuff in the following text.

S05, E05 – Tanks for the Memories (First Aired: April 25, 2015) When Rainbow Dash realizes Tank must hibernate for winter, she decides the best solution is to keep winter from coming.

Source: Zap2It
Source: Equestria Daily
Source: Derpy News

And that’s it for Season 5 news. Slow week I guess. Let’s talk about Netflix.

Quite a while ago, an axe date appeared for MLP on Netflix, and this date was pushed back several times. It got to the point where most people weren’t really worried, but seeing that date draw near for the 3rd time was nerve-wracking. I honestly don’t have the hard drive space to store all 92 episodes, so Netflix having them is really convenient. On Thursday (which was the axe date at the time) the date disappeared entirely, and later, Netflix confirmed through their Twitter account that MLP wasn’t going anywhere.

Source: Equestria Daily
Source: Derpy News
Source: Netflix Official Twitter

I guess that’s all for now, but I am considering adding official comic news, because I do read the MLP comics. Why? Because more poni. Anyway, I’ll see you next week. [CopyPasta] Once again, I am only doing this once a week, so if you want to be kept up to date, you should keep an eye on News tag on Equestria Daily. If you want less bullshit, the news tag on Derpy News MLP is a good place to start. [/CopyPasta]

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