Amazon’s Mouse – Good for People with Small Hands

If there is a common electronic component that you need, Amazon Basics has you covered. I really like the idea of Amazon Basics. If you need an HDMI cable, Amazon Basics has one. A mouse? Amazon has that too. Amazon Basics stuff is really cheap too. It is relatively good quality stuff, at a really low price. I found myself in need of a mouse, so I went ahead and bought an Amazon Basics mouse, and now I am going to talk about it. 

I have never really spent a lot of money on peripherals. I would rather have a computer with better guts than have a really nice keyboard or mouse, so I almost always go for super cheap keyboards and mice. I actually am planning to splurge and get a nice mechanical keyboard sometime in the near future, because I am honestly sick of cheap, rubber-dome style keyboards, but that’s completely unrelated. I am here to talk about Amazon’s mouse.

Overall, it’s a really nice mouse. It looks really nice and clean on my desk, and I have no real complaints about the looks of it. The mouse has a sorta rubbery finish on top that might drive some people up the wall, but I really like it. The cable seems nice and sturdy, and doesn’t feel like it’s going to fray anytime soon, and it instantly started working when I plugged it into my computer. Drivers won’t be an issue either. This thing is picked up by the OS as an ordinary, generic USB mouse.

So far everything sounds great, I’ll take a hundred. But wait, let’s talk about how it feels in the hand. Actually, it feels really nice. The right and left buttons are totally solid, and feel fine. I don’t feel like it’s going to break, and it actually is more comfortable to use than the iHome mouse that you found in the bargain bin at your local Big Lots. Tracking was fine too. Exactly what I would expect from a cheap Logitech mouse. Scrolling with the wheel felt great. I actually like the scroll wheel on this thing much better than my other mouse. The only real complaint I have about using the mouse is the center click (pressing down on the scroll wheel), which felt mushy compared to my other mouse. It’s not bad, and I could very easily get used to it, but it could be better.

Okay, so it’s really solid. Pretty much what I would expect from a $8 mouse, so why am I writing this? Well, it’s a bit small. If you have big hands, like myself, this mouse might not be for you.  I felt like I couldn’t comfortably wrap my hand around the mouse. If you take a claw-grip approach, it’s totally usable, but if you’re like me, and you want your hand to wrap around your mouse, it’s probably not for you. Normally, I use the significantly bigger Logitech M110, a slightly more expensive, but still pretty cheap mouse. This is the mouse I have referenced earlier as “my other mouse”. I bought this thing over 2 years ago, used it every single day, and I have had no problems with it. It is a great mouse, and hovering around $10-$12 on Amazon, it’s pretty cheap too.

Overall, Amazon’s mouse is pretty good. If you have small hands, or you don’t mind using a claw-grip to hold your mouse, go for it. It is a really nice solid little mouse, and for people with small hands, it will probably be more comfortable than the Logitech M110. Otherwise, you might want to consider a bigger mouse.

You can pick up an Amazon Basics mouse here for $7
Or, grab the Logitech M110 for $11 (at the time of this writing)

That’s all really. I just wanted to post about this, because I need to post more, and I had some stuff to say about Amazon’s mouse.

  • Colton

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