Nothing Interesting is Happening

Occasionally, there is a long period of time where nothing particularly interesting happens. The direct result of this is a long period of not much happening through my social channels. This includes my blog, and my Twitter. Very little gets posted on Twitter, and almost nothing gets posted here. There are a few things I am working on, and that I would like to make a blog post about. I will be making blog posts about the following things in the near future.

  • ArcheAge – I started this review a week ago and just never finished it.
  • ownCloud – I am playing with ownCloud a bit. I think it’s a very interesting concept, and I would like to talk about it.
  • Twitter Video – Twitter has video now. I will review it.
  • Codiad – Codiad is a roll-your-own-Codeanywhere-ish thing.
  • YOURLS – I have been working with YOURLS for a long time. I think it needs a proper review.
  • Experiments – I have set up a little home for all my experimental shit. I will mention it.

There’s some other stuff too. Don’t worry. I haven’t abandoned the blogging project, my life is just a little bit uneventful right now.

  • Colton

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