Moving sucks. I’m probably talking about a different context than you’re thinking of.

Lately I have been considering moving to a different domain registrar and webhost. I want to do this for a few reasons. I guess I should go into detail. Here goes. 

Currently, I am using GoDaddy for pretty much everything. GoDaddy isn’t bad, and they have great support, but they are kinda pricey, have some issues, and have taken some poor political stances in the past, and that makes me a little uncomfortable.

So, let’s go over each individual problem, then I will explain my solution.

Domain Stuff

Domain Pricing

I’m going to be honest here. GoDaddy’s domain pricing is not so hot. The first year is always great. If you don’t mind doing a little deal hunting, you can get a .com for the first year for just $1-2. Sounds great, but renewing that domain every subsequent year is going to run you $15. That’s a full $3 more expensive than the average, and $5 more expensive than the cheapest thing I could find. It’s just too much.

Whois Privacy

Whois is an incredibly dangerous standard networking tool. This is a simple command that has been part of the internet since the very beginning. Any even slightly tech savvy person with access to a CLI or Google can perform it, and it can be extremely harmful on the personal privacy of people who own domains. Any person who knows how can simply enter whois into a command terminal and immediately find out who owns that domain, including their real full name, phone number, email address, and physical address. That’s right, this simple little tool can be used to quickly and easily doxx somebody who owns a domain name. The worst part is that you can’t input bogus information without getting in a lot of legal trouble. Obviously, this quickly became a problem, so private registration became a thing. Private registration is basically when a large company that normally deals with these sorts of things fills out the whois record for a domain with valid legal information that protects you, but allows you to retain full ownership over your domain without making your personal information public. GoDaddy charges $8 per year for this service. I realize that it’s a service that costs a bit of money to maintain, but it’s also something that most websites on the internet are going to take advantage of, and it should not cost $8 every year.

Hosting Stuff

The Servers are Slow at Times

Occasionally, the hosting server slows way down, or just vanishes from the web entirely for a few minutes. Normally it’s not a problem, but it’s something that happens every so often while I am working, and it’s starting to annoy me a little bit. When it goes down for 2 minutes while I am working, I often lose my train of thought, and I have to figure out what I was doing.

 Some Stuff Isn’t Supported

Sometimes, I will try to do something relatively simple with PHP, and it just won’t work because the function is not supported on the servers. Often these are relatively simple things that don’t really have any good reason for not being supported. It’s something that has hit me multiple times and I’m just not sure why the functionality is missing.

General Issues

Another big thing that annoys me is some of GoDaddy’s past political stances. GoDaddy actually supported SOPA and PIPA, which doesn’t make any sense to me, and I strongly disagree with this stance, as should anyone reading this post. GoDaddy supported these horrible pieces of shit that were definitely bad for the internet, and GoDaddy’s customers. Something about that just doesn’t sit right with me.


On to the Solution!

So, I want to move my stuff off of GoDaddy. There are tons of registrars, and each of them has different prices. There are also tons of different webhosts, and each of them has different prices and services. I could go for the cheapest thing I can find for each, but this isn’t really an optimal way to work, and sometimes you can end up stuck with a bad provider. I want to go for something where I can get the best bang for my buck, and for that DreamHost seems to be the way to go. Domains from DreamHost are $12 per year (about average), and they come with free whois privacy. DreamHost’s webhosting often gets incredible reviews. For around $10 per month, you get unlimited storage and bandwidth, unlimited domains and websites, pretty much every basic feature you can imagine, and tons of other cool stuff. $10 per month is a little on the high side for webhosting, but it is well worth it for a stellar service with no real restrictions like many other hosts have. I have managed to get a pretty good deal on DreamHost, so that’s where I will be going. In the coming weeks, this website, as well as, and all the other stuff I host will be moving between servers. Naturally, this means there may be a small amount of downtime, or odd server glitches. I will make my best effort to keep that sort of thing to a minimum, and I do apologize for any issues that do occur. After using DreamHost for a short while, I will report back here with my experiences and tell you guys if it’s worth it.

  • Colton

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