Google Security Checkup – Secure Your Account and Get 2GB Free!

Today, Google released a new account security checkup. It’s free, easy, and it will keep your account more secure! As if that wasn’t enough reason to go do it, Google is offering an extra 2GB of free Google Drive storage that never expires to accounts that complete it before February 17th.

You want free storage, right? Who wouldn’t? Just log into your Google Account, then go here!

wpid-wp-1423585593920.pngUpon completing the checkup, you will see a message like this, confirming that you completed the security checkup. If you have at least three green check boxes, Google will give you 2GB of free Google Drive storage that never expires! Google is rewarding you for being more secure!

The process is super easy and free. It took me less than 2 minutes from my Android phone thanks to Google’s excellently optimized mobile website. Of course, if you are at a traditional computer, that will work just fine too.

For more information and offer details, see the Google Drive team’s blog post!

Go get your security checkup right now! Click here!

  • Colton

P.S. No, Google did not pay me to say any of this stuff, unless AdSense revenue counts…

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