Final Hours

As you can see from the banner below (unless you closed it), in approximately 16 hours (as of writing this post), the vote occurs. The folks at FFTF have put together a little video, which you can get below the break. 


They also sent me the following email:

The first thing I read this morning gave me chills.

The New York Times ran a front page story about how enemies of net neutrality are on the retreat, and that tomorrow, we could see the biggest open Internet victory of our lives. [1]

Bottom line: together, we are on the cusp of an absolutely unbelievably epic victory for net neutrality. Do you want to savor it? Watch this video we made!

We whipped up this fun little video to mark the “final” moments of the Internet Countdown, and to look back on how we got here, together. It’s so mind blowing to think how all these online protests, real life camp-outs, calls, emails and epic stunts snowballed into what could be the biggest win of our lives. It could be even bigger than defeating SOPA. [2][3]

Keep an eye on the news tomorrow, and remember: activism works. When tons of people come together with a clear vision, nothing’s impossible. Really! Getting to where we are right now was supposed to be impossible!!

Can’t watch a video right now? Would you rather be scolding some politicians on the phone? Then click here to start making phone calls!

The House Energy and Commerce subcommittee just had a hearing today whose sole purpose was to kill net neutrality with partisan confusion. That’s what we’re up against now, and we need to smack it down hard if we want to defend any victory. Click here to call these committee members, and stay on the line for as long as you like; we’ll keep connecting you with more of them… until you hang up or your phone runs out of batteries 🙂

Thanks for everything you do,

Holmes Wilson, Tiffiniy Cheng, Evan Greer, Vasjen Katro, Jeff Lyons, Laila Murad, and the whole Fight for the Future team.





So, things are looking up, but we’re not completely safe yet. I will be waiting with baited breath when that counter hits zero.

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Source: FFTF Tumblr
Source: to (I tried to download and post it, but that was too much work.)

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