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Hello. I am Colton, and this is my weblog, or ‘blog’ for short. I do some stuff on the internet. I often talk about stuff on Twitter, but that only allows me to write short little posts and I can’t convey a lot of information, so I decided to start a blog. I will be writing blog posts whenever I feel like it, and talking about whatever is on my mind. This is my first post, so I am going to introduce this blog and it’s systems, myself, and some of the things I will probably talk about.

About this blog: This blog is running on my own server with WordPress, because I am fancy like that or something. Currently it is accessible at http://wordpress.coltondrg.gq/, but that will probably change very soon. (Don’t worry, I will redirect the old domain.) That’s about it really. I will talk about stuff that I want to talk about, so expect random.

About myself: Well, my name is Colton, and I do stuff on the internet. I enjoy ponies, and will probably talk about them, so if you dislike ponies, you should probably leave right now. I also write software from time to time. Usually I make my software open source, so you can find all the code on GitHub. I also like to tinker with computers and stuff, and will often post about geeky Android and Linux stuff. I will also be posting about whatever other random thing I have on my mind that I feel is appropriate to talk about here. I am also kind of a security nut, so I will probably be setting up some SSL on this blog really soon. Connecting to websites without HTTPS makes me feel dirty.

This is a really messy, disorganized blog post, and starting out, most of them probably will be, because I am not very good at organizing my thoughts efficiently. Anywho, I hope you stick around and read some of my stuff when I start posting actual content. Until then, follow me on Twitter, like I said, I use it quite frequently because I really like Twitter.
@ColtonDRG – Twitter

EDIT: Oh! Hey! I forgot to mention, I am still setting shit up, so this is by no means the final site. It’s a very early version. I still need to install tons of stuff, and reconfigure pretty much everything!

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