The Interview

So, Netflix got that controversial movie that everyone got in a big pissy fit over when Sony axed it. I must admit, it peaked my interest a bit, so I decided to sit down and watch it.

So, what did I think? Well, it was fine. It was pretty funny, and I did enjoy it to some extent, but it wasn’t amazing. I got a few good chuckles out of it, but that’s about it. I went in expecting it to be okay, and I wasn’t really disappointed, but it wasn’t really a jem either. It was pretty much what I was expecting. There were a lot of really cheesy jokes and un-funny comedy cliches, but I expected that. It was a somewhat interesting story and some parts were legitimately pretty funny, but I definitely wouldn’t give it any awards. Is it worth your time? Well, if you want a somewhat cheesy comedy about North Korea, sure. If you’re super busy and you have no interest, maybe not.

This is kind of a short post, but I didn’t want to write a full review, because honestly, there wouldn’t be much to talk about, and besides, I’m not really good at reviewing things anyway. Maybe I will have to work on that for the future. I don’t know.

Oh, yeah! I also saw The Imitation Game. It was good. I may post about later. In the meantime, go watch it, it was good.

  • Colton

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