I am bored and too lazy to actually do anything

Do you ever get that feeling? That feeling like you are really bored and want something to do. But when you think of something to do, you’re too lazy to actually do it. That’s how I feel right now.

I thought to myself, “I haven’t played Minecraft in a while. Maybe I will play skyblock.” But then I thought “Well, I would have to find the forum thread, download the map, extract it, find the directory where Minecraft saves it’s maps, move it there, aw screw it.” And then I proceeded to continue clicking through the internet and being bored. I’m guess I am just bored, but I’m okay with that because I am also really not in the mood to do anything, so I will just sit here, watching various random videos on the internet until I think of something to do that will be worth the effort.


  • Colton

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